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Residential Design

The creation of elegant, stylish and comfortable homes is our passion from space planning to styling. We are the conduit for our clients’ own vision and each design is individually tailored to deliver creative, durable, comfortable and beautiful solutions for the way they want to live.

Hotel Design

Over the past eight years we have made our name within the industry for interiors that are intelligent,elegant, dynamic and infused with passion and creativity.Our design practice within the hospitality industry, collaborating with our clients to create iconic and remarkable projects.

Commercial Design

It would be extremely energetic & mind relax designs to be create for commercial interior & our inspired designs with optimism concepts may feel you working ideal place on earth.Our commitment is to get done interior work creatively utilized & make place like heaven to client, their customer as well.

Interior Expertise

While you got stuck with your plan & designs also need a pure consultation with an Interior Designer to go over what you expect truly, we are the best to continue it from where you stop.We understand what client like & do not like. We share if any negative impacts that may cause later sometimes client haven’t even thought. We are experts for fill your empty space to an extremely splendorous place. Simply snazzy provides honest service to make happy customer.

Guaranteed Works

We have positive past record with our potential clients. They used to contact us continuously regarding any interior work & that shows how strong our guarantee of work.Our interior designers and manufacturing team always produce the perfect finish of any furniture design than others. We are not focusing after service that much hence our product quality is best among all.

Free Consultation

Within entire period that we spend time to project with client it is totally free consultation. Even after completion client can contact us any time.We keep trust between both parties & that is the reason we believe most of people contact us recommendation via our client base.


We set the price that can be affordable and adjustable any time. But we must say materials that we utilizing are high quality & durable.


We are not just another Interior Company

Snazzy Interiors  (Pvt) Ltd is a custom ‐ built  interior designer over 08 years of experience that has built a reputation in creating Sri Lanka’s premium furniture and accessories for home, offices, hotels, apartments &restaurants.

Snazzy structured with more than 30 efficient team of workers, designers & furniture manufacturing experts. We have our own factory located in Kahathuduwa. Our furniture is made using well- seasoned and kiln-dried timbers such as mahogany, teak and Mara. We also specialized retailing customized furniture fabrics from Belgium.


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Residential Design

Office Design

Hotel Design

Commercial Design